Pai’s Rosehip Collection: Intensive Nourishing Facial Set ~ New In ~

I wanted to start the new year right by taking good care of my skin, so I treated myself with Pai’s Rosehip Collection: Intensive Nourishing Facial Set. My mother has been raving about the rosehip oil she got from a local shop in New Zealand. She said that it’s non-greasy, no pore-clogging, and makes her skin look radiant and plump. Sadly, pure rosehip oil is not as easy to find in the town where I live so I have to order online. After a some research, I decided to purchase one from Pai, a UK natural and organic skincare brand targeting sensitive skin. This is my first time trying products from them and I was full of positive impression right from their website design. Pai gives me a feeling that they are kind and gentle people and I believe that it reflects into their products.


The package I received was nicely wrapped. The print on the gift set box is so beautiful and will make a perfect gift. The gift set comes with:

  • NEW Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask (75ml)
  • Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (30ml)
  • Organic Muslin Cloth

Since Pai was having a promotion at that time, I also got their Camellia & Rose Gentle Cream Cleanser (50 ml)  with an organic muslin cloth for free! Seems like Pai always have deals going on.  A few days later I got a 100 DKK (£10) coupon code and already spent it on their eye cream which will be delivered soon.

So far I’m loving every single one them!!! The oil does not feel greasy at all. The cleanser and the mask are extremely gentle and feel really nice on the skin. However, from my experience clogged pores and irritation from skincare can developed after a few weeks of continuous usage. So, I will be reporting the in-depth review after I give them some more time. If anyone wants to try Pai, I really recommend subscribing to their email newsletter for a chance to get promotion code!

Purchasing note
Bought from:
Price: 300 DKK (+50 DKK for express delivery)
Made in: UK

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