Origins GinZing Eye Cream

At the beginning of 2015, I tried to take a better care of my health and skincare is a part of that regimen. I started to see so lines around my eye area and even though I know I can’t get rid of them, I want to prolong what could be in the future. My first eye cream of 2015 is Origins GinZing.


Paula’s Choice said that eye creams are not necessary and that your face moisturizer can be used as an eye cream in itself. However, I feel like my eye area, doesn’t always need the same ingredients  and consistency as my face moisturizer. I was actually looking for something moisturizing but easy to absorb eye cream. Something I can use both day and night and hopefully it has some anti-aging properties in it. I don’t care so much for the brightening effects as I think that is the job for a concealer.

I was looking around Kiehl’s and Origins counter when the Kiehl’s staff came to assist me. She asked what sort of troubles I wanted to tackle. I said wrinkles under my eyes. She explained that those are not actually wrinkles but rather lines from dryness. She then recommended, despite being a Kielh’s representative, an Origins GinZing to me. I asked her if it can be used both day and night and she said yes.

After I got home I found out that this is more of a daytime eye cream as it contains some shimmers to help brightens dark circles. However, some said that they used it for night time as well. Furthermore,  first time I applied it I can feel a cooling effect which will be perfect for morning use. Also, according to the descriptions on Origins website this eye cream is targeted dark circles and puffiness rather than dryness and fine lines.

Packaging: this comes in plastic jar packaging. Some might say that it is unsanitary but I think it is easier to control the amount of product I want to take out. Also it is easier to see how much product you have left. The plastic disc between the cover and the jar can sometime be annoying as it tends to fall out after I unscrewed the lid.


Consistency: light and a bit runny. It is easy to absorbed and after a month of use I haven’t seen any millia yet.

The product: is in a salmony-pink color and contains shimmer, which is good for brightening small dark circles. However, I have a bad one and I don’t think the shimmer helps counteract that much. Also, it can be a bit difficult to blend especially if falls under fine lines. I appreciate the cooling effects in the morning. However, after a month I think I can feel less cooling from the product. I’m not sure if I got used to it or not. But those with sensitive eyes might want to be careful as it might be too strong. It is definitely a lot more stronger than the Pai eye cream.


Even though this eye cream is not what I was really looking for I will keep using it for the time being. After all it does contain hyaluronic acid, which helps plums fine lines. Many people reported they use this for both day and night, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing shimmer to bed so I ended up purchasing the Pai one for nighttime usage. After a while I might move on to something with anti-aging property.


Overall I would recommend this eye cream for younger people who do not have aging concern, less dark circles, and none sensitive eyes.

Purchasing note
Bought from: Åhléns
Price: around 320 SEK (15 ml)
Made in: USA

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