Thann’s Oatmeal Face Scrub and Detoxifying Clay Mask (Sample Size)

Happy International Women’s Day! As women, there are lots of stuff to be taken care of and we can forget to take care of ourselves. I found that doing a pampering session on Sunday and Wednesday nights do help me to wind down and be ready for whatever the following day will bring. My favorite exfoliator of the year 2014 was from a Thai natural brand called Thann.

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Thann produces luxurious aromatherapy and skincare products. They provides amenities to hotels around the world. Apart from this, they also have spas and cafe businesses. I normally purchase my Thann products from airport duty free shops, Isetan Bangkok, and Siam Paragon.

I wasn’t interested in Thann’s skincare product before I came to Sweden. I had been using their body butter for years and at my latest purchase, the staff was kind enough to give me two sample sizes of the Oatmeal Face Scrub and the Detoxifying Clay Mask.

Thann Oatmeal ScrubThe Oatmeal Face Scrub smells very soothing and calming. It has grainy exfoliating particles like the St. Ive’s Apricot one, which some might find too abrasive but I personally love the effectiveness of it. I was having a bad clogged pores last spring, and after using this scrub for just one time, around 70% of the clogged pores disappeared. It also has rice bran oil in, which makes my skin feels very smooth afterwards.

Thann Detoxifying Clay MaskThe Detoxifying Clay Mask is also very soothing. I was afraid that a clay mask would dry out my dry skin but it’s not the case at all. Sometimes I only use this mask around my nose area, which tends to get more oil than the rest of the face. Although I cannot see any difference in my pores but I really feel this mask makes my skin feel refreshed and become softer, which my boyfriend also confirmed!

My final thought is I will be purchasing the full size of both products in the future. I recommend you to try out Thann products if you have a chance. Fleur De Force also mentioned that she loved Thann’s hand cream in her videos but I have yet to try that!

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