Bangkok Tips ~ Health and Skincare Edition ~

I hadn’t been back in Bangkok for two years, and despite being back for almost a month now I’m still feeling a bit like a tourist in my hometown. I was thinking back when I was preparing to go to Sweden. It would be nice to know what the locals would normally keep in mind. So here are some of the things I would tell my foreign friends to prepare and do in terms of health and skincare if they decided to come to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand. Continue reading

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Face Cream ~ Review ~

One of my skincare resolutions that I’ve been trying to do is applying sunscreen daily, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. I’ve spotted the Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Face Cream from a drugstore in Norway and decided to get it because it contains some decent ingredients. However, I can’t find it on any of Vichy’s website, so I’m guessing it has been discontinued or reformulated. Still, I decided to make a review of it just in it still available somewhere. Here is how it works on me. Continue reading

Mini Thailand Haul and Souvenirs from Australia

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this day! I’m writing this at a Costa in Bangkok, which didn’t exist three years ago before I left to Sweden. A lot of new foreign brands and shops had come to Thailand while I was gone, for instance Sephora, Bourjois, Illamasqua, and such. While that is exciting, I wish there were more cool Thai brands out there too, but that’s for another post.

After I arrived, I’ve been purchasing some necessities and also met up with my best friend to catch up. She is so kind and brought me some gifts from Australia where she is currently studying. So this post will be my first impressions on what I bought in Bangkok and what she gave me. Continue reading