April 2015 ~ Skincare Reflection ~

Hello everyone! I hope your April has been awesome and I guess most of you have been enjoying a long weekend 🙂 This month I moved back from Scandinavia to Thailand. There’s a lot to adjust, not only timezone, but also the dramatic change in the climate. Basically my skincare favorites hasn’t changed much from March but I ran out of some products so I adjusted my cleansing routine a little.

Cleansers and Toners

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Towards the end of April I sadly said goodbye to my beloved Pai cleanser and Ren Clarimatte toner. As I was staying at a temporary address, I didn’t want to order anything from abroad but I will definitely repurchase them in the future. After using the cream cleanser from Pai, I found this type of cleansers is what my skin actually needs. It gently cleanses all impurities without drying my skin out. I don’t think I will return to foam cleansers anytime soon.

I decided to replace my empties with Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk and Shiseido Aqualabel Lotion EX R. The Caudalie milk cleanser makes my skin feels supple afterwards and it smells just like white grapes.

The Shiseido Aqualabel toner I’m using is from their anti-aging range. The toner comes in two versions, one for dry skin (Lotion EX R) and another for super dry skin (Lotion EX RR). I chose one for dry skin and despite containing alcohol, it doesn’t sting or feels drying at all. This range claims to lightens sun spots and makes the skin look younger which I’m a bit skeptical about but it does feel nice to use after the milky cleanser.

Rosehip oil

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I’m still religious about my Pai rosehip oil. To be honest I don’t see as much effects on my skin anymore but I guess it helps prevent my skin from looking worse judging from my stress level and the lack of sleep. It is definitely too much for the humid Bangkok, so for the day time I only use maximum two drops instead of three. Lately I’ve noticed that the smell starts to change a little. I’m not sure if it’s because of the temperature or if it’s approaching its end of shelf life.


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Even though I’m using sunscreen daily, my skin tone still becomes half or one shade darker. I’ve been alternating between Vichy and Biore ones. Basically I tend to use the Biore on a day that I’m going to be photographed because the Vichy one makes me look greasy. I’m currently running low on both of them so I’m on a hunt for a new sunscreen next week!

For May, I hope I can go to bed before midnight more often. Do you have any resolutions for this month?

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5 thoughts on “April 2015 ~ Skincare Reflection ~

  1. Lovely post! If you don’t mind me asking, what sort of consistency do toners leave on your skin? I’m only starting to get more and more into skincare and I’m finding that some products can leave your skin feeling very sticky -or maybe I just chose a bad product- and I would like to try something that won’t be sticky or heavy on my skin. Have a great day, lovely – Alejandra

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    1. Hello Alejandra. It’s actually depends on the type of toner you choose. The Ren one I mentioned has the consistency of water. Because of the mild acid, it feels a bit tingly but it is not harsh at all. The shiseido one I’m using is aimed for older skin so it is more moisturizing but it doesn’t feel sticky. I would recommend the Ren Clarimatte toner for you because it is formulated for oily and combination skin. ❤

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