Sephora Avocado Mask ~ Review ~

Recently I became a Sephora member and my welcome gift was one of their sheet masks. I got the avocado one, which supposed to moisturize and nourish the skin. This is quite appropriate for me because my skin has become a bit flaky from spending too much time in air conditioning rooms.

Sephora masks seem to be made in China/Taiwan. The English label said made in China but the Thai translation said Taiwan. This gave me high hopes as some good sheet masks I’ve used before were made in Taiwan. These masks came in different varieties such as pearl, rose, honey and so on. The avocado one doesn’t show up on Sephora US and France website, however Sephora China website does talk about it in details.

The sheet itself is thick and fully soaked with product. The width is slightly wider than my ears, but I think it’s better than being too small. Unfortunately, the ingredients are in Chinese so I cannot list it for you. In general it is quite gentle though I don’t think it is a “natural” product.

I put the mask on for about 30 minutes although the instructions said 20 minutes. It has a slight scent of what might be an avocado smell. I massaged the access into my skin a few times before pressing it in with my palms. It felt slightly sticky like most hydrating masks. Immediately I saw my fine lines became a little bit smoother. I followed up with an eye cream and a smaller dose of a mixture of Pai rosehip oil and Estelle & Thild anti-aging night cream. My skin had never felt so plumped in a long time. After taking out the mask there’s still about two table spoons of products left in the sachet. So I used that on my arms and décolletage.

My final thoughts are it is a decent sheet mask that delivers what it promises. In terms of purchasing, with the plethora of sheet masks in Bangkok it might be a while before my purchase of this. However, if my friend wants to try it then I would say go ahead because you’ll get results from it.

Do you have a favorite sheet mask?

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8 thoughts on “Sephora Avocado Mask ~ Review ~

    1. I googled Sorbet and they look like a fun brand! I’m a lazy person so I love sheet masks because I don’t have to rinse it off haha xx


      1. haha, they just let you look super scary while on your face, when I reviewed it my husband asked me to please not put the picture on where it’s on my face!


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