Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil ~ 4 Months Updates and Review~

Rosehip oil is said to be greatly beneficial to the skin. Many celebrities such as Miranda Kerr advocate this oil and I can’t deny that I was mesmerized by her glowing skin. I did some research on different brands and decided to go for Pai. After using it religiously for about four months in different climates here are some of my thoughts on this product.

The oil comes in the prettiest frosted glass bottle with a pipette-type dropper. I love that it is cute and simple but doesn’t look childish. However, the glass bottle means you should keep the bottle away from direct sun light, which I sometimes forget to do.

This oil is different from other brands because it contains not only rosehip seed oil but also rosehip fruit oil. Natural vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract were added during the extraction process to prevent oxidation. Also, Pai uses a CO2 extraction method, which claims to deliver higher concentration than the cold pressed method.

The good news is this oil doesn’t smell like fish as many complain about other brands. However, I won’t say the scent is pretty. To me, it smells like a damp wooden furniture at my grandpa’s house. (I’m sorry for a poor description :P) But the scent quickly disappears and I’m grateful that Pai doesn’t add any fragrance to it.


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The oil completely disappears into my skin in a drier climate.

In a dry weather, it feels like a dry oil. I don’t get any sheen on my skin when I applied this during my time in the north of Norway as shown above. On the other hand, in a humid weather I can see slight sheen but it still feels comfortable, nothing heavy or greasy at all.

How I Use It
This is actually a multi-purpose oil but I mainly use it on my face. I sometimes use it on my hair to soften and tame the frizz. Also I use it on my elbows and hands. Unlike normal retinol products, rosehip oil can be used during the day without making the skin sensitive to sun light. But of course, we always have to wear sunscreens daily anyway.

For daytime, I apply two to three drops while my face is still damp from the toner. I pat into my skin for a few times until most of it absorbs. I leave it for 10 or 15 minutes before applying sunscreen.

For nighttime, I mix three drops of the oil with my night cream and pat it on my skin. If you don’t like the smell of the oil, mixing it with your cream can mask the scent. It also makes some cream feels more luxurious like the Eucerin hyaluronic acid cream I was using. However, do NOT mix with your sunscreen. Doing so can break the effectiveness of the protection of the sunscreen.

I don’t get any allergic reaction from this oil and it also doesn’t clog my pores. Below are the results of this oil on me after four months of continuous use. The expected results are what rosehip oils are generally claimed to deliver.


There are many factors that can affect the efficacy of this product including stress, diet, and other products I use in conjunction with this oil.

To me this oil’s main effectiveness is on acne scars. After one month my acne scar started to fade. After three month it’s completely gone. But this is only on a relatively new scar. It doesn’t change my old persistent scar.

Fine lines are my biggest skin concern. After three months my lines started to reduce. It may also be because I’d moved to a humid environment and also I’m using another anti-aging night cream over it.

For hydration, it depends on the skin type and weather. In a drier climate with a dry/dehydrated skin, this oil alone is not enough to hydrate my skin. But, in a warm and humid weather my skin type becomes normal and I can get away with using this oil alone as a night cream.

Final Thoughts
I would recommend this oil to people with all skin types. You just have to adjust it to your skin needs e.g. use less product when your skin is less dry or mix with moisturizer when your skin is dehydrated. Because it is a natural/organic product, you don’t get immediate results from it. But, with consistent usage, I found that this is a great product for reducing acne scars.

Purchasing note
Bought from:
Price: 300 DKK (+50 DKK for express delivery) This is a gift set price. It is 240 DKK per bottle.
Made in: UK

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