Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Recovery Night Cream ~ Review ~

I’ve always looked for a natural/organic alternative for my skincare products. When I was in Sweden, I discovered a certified organic brand called Estelle & Thild and was in love. They are a relatively young brand so their packaging and formula are constantly evolving. I’m very excited to hear that the brand will be available in Thailand this month because I love to explore more products from them.

I started using the Super Bioactive Recovery Night Cream around March of 2015. The key ingredients are astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant from marine micro algae which supposed to help with aging concerns. Hyaluronic acid, as we know, plumps fine lines and increase hydration.

The consistency is a light cream with a slight tint of orange, which is a good sign because astaxanthin is red in color. Because it is light, people with any skin type can enjoy this product. But, if you’re extremely dry or dehydrated you need to layer it with other oil or serum.

For me, I love that this cream is very quenching and the scent is very lovely. My skin feels as if it gets to drink a big glass of water. When I first used it in Norway, I noticed that my complexion became brighter. After moving to Thailand, however, the sun is too strong so I can’t see the same effect anymore.

The one I have is in an older packaging. It is an air-tight plastic bottle with some parts of the label in a shiny-silver material which gets rubbed off quite easily. I was a bit disappointed with this, as it makes an expensive product looks very cheap. A couple of months ago, they repackaged this product and I think it now comes in a frosted glass bottle. With that, I’m not sure if it can keep the antioxidant properties away from sunlight, but it definitely looks more luxurious.

Overall I’m impressed with this cream although it’s not a miracle for fine lines but it is an organic product that feels lovely on the skin.

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