Souvenirs from New Zealand

When talking about New Zealand, I tend to think about their beautiful nature and wonderful organic products. My mom just came back from the land of the long white cloud and brought me some cool stuff. Manuka honey is the usual andΒ this time she also got me a paua shell jewelry and Trilogy rosehip oil.

Paua is New Zealand’s special species of Abalone. I love the iridescent colors it gives. This piece is a bit bigger than what I normally would buy for myself but I think paring it with a plain white tee would be cute.

Trilogy is probably one of the most famous brand of rosehip oils in the market today. I like that it’s organic and comes in a dark bottle but I was afraid of the smell. Contrary to many reviews I’ve read, it doesn’t smell at all. It is very light, so it’s not enough for me to use it on its own. I layer it with Estelle & Thild night cream for more hydration and moisture.

Do you have favorite items from New Zealand?

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