Caudalie Gentle Milk Cleanser ~ Review ~

With the recommendations from Caroline Hirons, I completely changed my cleanser to non-foaming kinds. As I have dry skin, I particularly love cream and milk cleansers. They don’t dry out my skin and help maintain moisture level during face wash, thus delay the forming of lines and wrinkles.

The cleanser I’m currently using is Caudalie Gentle Milk Cleanser. I got a smaller size to try out and it lasts me for months. I love that Caudalie products do not contain nasty, unnecessary ingredients like parabens and mineral oils.

It has quite a fruity scent that I imagine it might be a grape smell. It has a white lotiony/milky consistency. I’m not sure if it can remove waterproof makeup well. I always use a micellar water to remove sunscreen and pollution off before massage this cleansing milk on my face. If you’re in a colder climate can use this cleanser and wipe off with a cotton pad without rinsing. In Thailand’s warmer climate, I usually use wipe it off with a warm muslin cloth or simply rinse off with water.

Overall, I think it is a decent milk cleanser. I still prefer Pai cleanser to this one probably because I like the Pai’s scent better. If you are in Thailand it is available at Sephora.

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