Muji Anti Aging Cream ~ First Try ~

Recently I ran out of my Estelle & Thild anti aging night cream. I heard the brand would be available in Sephora Thailand last in June but I didn’t get any news from Sephora and still hasn’t got the chance to go browse at the store yet. But there’s a small Muji store near my place where I stumbled across their skincare products that are now available in Thailand! Yay~

As someone who had spent some time in Japan before, I know that Muji makes just about everything not only storage boxes and office supplies. They also make food, snacks, make up items, and of course, skincare. But, I’ve just recently found their skincare products in Thailand twoΒ weeks ago.

There are a few ranges available. If you are concern with parabens you can choose their organic. But for a thirty something like me, I wentΒ for their anti aging range. It does contain methylparaben but it’s alcohol and fragrance free. I’m someone who love moisturizers that don’t label as “day” or “night” cream so this one is perfect for me.

So far, it gives enough moisture for me and doesn’t clog my pores.

I also noticed they have sheet masks that I will be definitely trying next.

Have you tried Muji skincare?

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One thought on “Muji Anti Aging Cream ~ First Try ~

  1. I’ve tried Muji’s skincare once but was not that good…(yes that was over 10 years ago) Now I feel like I should try again because I see so many good reviews about them! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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