I’m allergic to SK-II?!?

Maybe the universe is trying to help me save money πŸ˜€ From my last post, I mentioned that I’d started using the essence on that day. Four days after started using it my skin started to feel rough. When I looked closely I found tiny bumps popped up around my cheeks area.Β I wish I had a better quality camera so I can illustrate my symptom clearly.Β 

At the beginning it didn’t feel itchy at all. I thought the essence might be the culprit since it was the latest item I put in my routine, so I stopped using it immediately. About two days after, that bumps started to fade away but some parts turned pink. The pinkΒ patches felt painful when I washed my face and apply my sunscreen. On the fourth day the patches started to feel itchy but they are not that noticeable. On the tenth day, things finally returned to normal.

I must say that I feel lucky I didn’t purchase a full size of it, since it would be a fail investment. One strange thing is that when I got the reaction, I did a little test by applying the essence on other parts of my body like my arms. The result was, I didn’t get any bumps or rashes at all. I think this goes to show that the skin on the face is different from other parts of your body.

Still, I’m in a denial stage and think that on that day might have encounter some strange things outside that triggered my allergic reactions. Or that I just got a bad batch of the essence. I still want to know if I just react to the essence alone or to the Pitera, so I plan to try out the lotion in the future. If I still get any reactions, then I might have to resort to eat a lot of miso instead! πŸ˜€

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