ALLIE EX UV Protector (Perfect Alpha)S ~ Review ~

The other day while applying a sunscreen before going out for lunch, I realized that I completely ran out of my Shiseido WetForce sunscreen. So after work, I dropped by a near by Tsuruha to see if there’s any interesting Japanese sunscreen there. I ended up leaving the store with ALLIE UV Perfect Alpha S Mini.

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If you didn’t know already Allie is a Kanebo drugstore sunscreen line, similar to Shiseido Anessa. They both launch similar products every year. I do prefer Anessa more than Allie, but it’s not as widely available in Thailand. It seems to me that Allie is a bit more popular among Japanese girls as it is a little bit cheaper than Anessa. Despite being a drug store product, the price point is a bit higher than others. If you don’t want to pay as much you can look for Biore as they both belong to the same umbrella company Kao, which means they might share some technologies.

I bought this particular one to try out because the alcohol is listed not as high as other products, so I have high hopes that it won’t make me feel as dry as others.

It has a white milky consistency that you need to shake well before application. The white residue takes a few massage to disappear. The milky-lotiony residue also takes awhile to absorb. I recommend that after all the white residue disappear, just leave the lotion on your skin for a few seconds, it will absorb into the skin by itself.


The use of Kao and Kanebo’s ADVAN technology (smaller sized zinc oxide) gives high UV protection without looking white on the skin. It is also water and sweat proof. You can clean it off with a normal makeup remover. Parabens free, perfume free, mineral oil free. It contains hyaluronic acid and good as a makeup base.

My thoughts:

It is not as drying on the skin compares to other sunscreen I’ve used. It also leaves dewy finish on my skin which is nice, but doesn’t feel greasy at all. However, I’m not confident enough to recommend this to those with oily skin but combination skin might be able to get away with it. It takes a bit of time to massage away the white residue but it doesn’t leave my skin as white as the Biore ones. The mini size is good for traveling and lasted me around 2 weeks. Overall I think this is a rather nice sunscreen.

Purchasing note (25 ml)
Bought from: Tsuruha (Thailand)
Price: 500 Thai Baht
Made in: Japan

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