M&R Essentials Certified Organic Rosehip Oil ~ Review ~

Before finishing my Trilogy rosehip oil, I initially planned to move on to something with stronger vitamin A ingredients, but as I’m on a tight budget I decided to go for something I already have in my cabinet instead. My mom also got me another bottle of rosehip oil from New Zealand. I’ve never heard of the brand M&R Essentials but it looks promising.

First of I must warn you that the smell of this oil is HORRENDOUS. Before using this brand, I never understood why people say that rosehip oil has a terrible scent. Pai one has a strange scent but I won’t call it bad smell. Trilogy one has no scent at all. But this one, even when I hold my breath when applying it to my face I think the dreadful smell still seeps through…

Looking at a bright side, maybe that’s the proof that this product is truly natural.

In terms of application, I used three drops on my face twice a day after I cleansed my face (I skip toning for now). In the morning I follow by a moisturizing sunscreen and in the evening I follow by a thick cream. I also apply another three drops around my neck and decolletage areas twice a day.

The texture is slightly oilier than other brands I’ve tired but it is very light and sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave me looking oily at all.

It comes in a dark glass bottle, which prevents the antioxidants from getting destroyed by sunlight.

It is also a little bit more affordable than Trilogy. My mom got me the 25 ml size for 23.90 NZD, which gives you a 20 ml size for Trilogy.

Overall, I will finish the bottle but I might not be purchasing this oil any more just because of the scent. However, I think the brand is truly natural and organic. Plus I like to support more local and smaller businesses. So I might try their other products later (like their Lime & Honey Nourishing Cream.)

What is your favorite facial oil?

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