September 2015 ~ Skincare Reflection ~

I know it’s already autumn in many countries and sunscreen is not something the market wants to promote anymore. However, in Thailand the sun is strong all year round, so I still have to wear sunscreen everyday. And, this month I’m obsessed with gel sunscreen.

I’ve tried gel sunscreen in the past, but lately I feel most sunscreens tend to dry me out from the alcohol. I thought gel sunscreen would be loaded with alcohol and will dry my skin even more. But this Lisa Eldridge’s video caught my attention on the Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel. This one is perfect for normal to dry skin. Despite a high amount of alcohol, it leaves my skin well moisturized and dewy.

I like the Sekkisei so much but the price point is a bit too much when buying in Thailand. Recently Biore UV Thailand brought the new Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel to the market. This is the new version for 2015. It is not as hydrated as the Sekkisei but it still feels comfortable on my skin. This would be perfect for those with oily skin too.

Both of these sunscreens are for every day city use since they are not waterproof.

I’m impressed with both and plan to get the Shiseido Anessa in a blue tube next 🙂

What’s your favorite sunscreen texture?

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