Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape Fill + Expert Serum ~ Sample Review ~

Even though retailers in Thailand are not as generous as the US when it comes to giving out samples, lately I’ve been able to get my hands on some. Recently I got two sachet-samples of the Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape Fill + Expert Serum in a slightly strange way.

The story is, at my office building, we got a television monitor in each elevator. These monitors shows commercials and news headlines. One day there’s a little announcement from Estee Lauder, saying if we take a picture of the message we can get a free sample of their new product called New Dimension. To me it was a little embarrassing to have to hold a phone up and take a photo of a monitor among other serious-looking business men and women inside an elevator… But I did it anyway ;D

I took the photo to a near-by Estee Lauder counter and the staff kindly gave me a sample and explained the product to me. Basically, it’s supposed to firm up your skin around the jawlines within four weeks of using, creating what Asians called a V-shape face. The sample they were giving away should last about four uses. You’re supposed to see some improvements of your skin complexion after finishing the samples.

I’m not quite sure about their ingredients. The consistency is like any standard serum, an opaque whitish colored liquid. It has some what a strong floral scent to it. It feels very hydrating and sinks into the skin quite quickly. In the morning I used it underneath my gel sunscreen and my skin felt hydrated all day in a humid weather.

After the first use, my skin looks brighter and fresher. I would say I quite like the serum. However, I’m not sure if I want to purchase the full size because I also want to try out Lancome’s Advanced Genefique serum as well…

Have you gotten any free samples lately?

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