Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel N ~ Review ~

Sometimes I reach out to a less popular product just to see if there’s a hidden gem that suits me. Sekkisei is a brand from Kose that has been around for a long time. They are well known for their whitening lotion but this brand is notorious for the amount of alcohol they put in their products. Some said Sekkisei products break them out. To be honest I would never want to try their sunscreen if I hadn’t seen this video by Lisa Eldridge (at minutes 10).


Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel N is a chemical sunscreen. Lisa mentioned that this sunscreen contains a new ingredient that absorbs UVA and B called Triazine which I find quite interesting. But the ingredients promoted by the brand are of oriental herbal extracts that are coix seed, angelica, melothria, moutan bark, akebia stem, and peach bark. It does contain alcohol, perfume, and methylparaben.


It has a lotiony gel-like consistency. There’s no issues of white residue or white cast. It gives hydration and a dewy finish but does not feel sticky or heavy on the skin at all.

How I use it

After cleansed in the morning, I apply it after my essence and rosehip oil. Because it is quite hydrated, I can get away without applying my moisturizer. But on the day I have to be in an air conditioning room or feel extra dry, I apply a small amount of moisturizer underneath it.

For cleansing, I just use my usual micellar water and gel cleanser.

It is not a water-proof product so I reapply it once or twice through out the day.

Final thoughts

This product reintroduced me to gel sunscreen and I really enjoy it so far. Especially that it’s very hydrated and no white residue. I’m impressed that it protects my skin from the sun quite well. I worn it during my outdoor trip out of town once and my skin complexion stayed the same. I’ve been using it for a month now and I don’t get any allergic reactions from it.

I wouldn’t recommend this to those with sensitive skin because it contains high amount of alcohol and perfume. Some said on a Japanese website that it has a matronly scent.

I would recommend this sunscreen to those white dry and dehydrated skin, which means those with oilier skin should avoid.

Have you tried anything from Sekkisei before?

Purchasing note:
Bought from: Central Silom Complex (Thailand)
Price (discounted): 1,215 for 81 ml
Made in Japan

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