I’m Back with a Sheet Masks Haul!

It’s currently 1:35 am in Bangkok. I’m having a face mask on whilst typing this post. I’m sorry, once again, for my hiatus. Work has been extremely busy, I had to stay extra hours on weekends and some days I left the office at 10 pm. So today I decided to drop by Watsons and get myself some sheet masks.

I initially went in for the Pure 5 Essence Mask pack. Watsons is currently have a discount on this so I wanted to give it a try. There are three formula available Thailand and I went for the collagen one because it gears towards an anti-aging purpose. Each pack comes with a little tool that you can use to take out the masks from the package without using your fingers. What I like about it is there are parts that you can use to cover your eye areas. I plan to close my eyes, cover my face with this mask, and turn on some French music for ten minutes. Ah, relaxation.

Then I saw that they also have the Premium Lululun Hokkaido Exclusive sheet masks available. The brand image of Lululun is definitely “kawaii,” which sucks me in. Their marketing strategy incorporates launching exclusive formula for different regions in Japan and Hawaii called Premium Lululun. This one is Hokkaido exclusive and it has a scent of lavender (Hokkaido is famous for its lavender fields among other things). It is supposed to be available in Hokkaido only so I’m quite excited to discover it in Bangkok. I actually wanted to try the Kyoto exclusive one before I saw this. But my friend who went travelling in Kyoto said she only saw the regular ones so I guess these are kind of hard to find. Thus, I had to grab them!

The last one I picked up is the My Beauty Diary Tranexamic Acid Treatment mask, which is what I’m currently having on my face now. My Beauty Diary is a very successful Taiwanese brand that makes various kinds of sheet masks. Their Black Perl masks has become best seller in Thailand and also voted No.1 in Japan.

My Beauty Diary masks received number 1 and 3 votes in Cosme.net

I’ve tried a couple of their masks before and they are lovely. The one I got today is from their Treatment Mask line, which has recently launched in Thailand. I initially chose the Oligopeptide formula, but Watsons was having a problem with the bar code so I switched to this formula instead. So far it’s been quite soothing and I might go back for the Oligopeptide one later because they are currently having the buy 3 for a cheaper price at, again, Watsons.

These masks I chose are free of parabens, mineral oil, colorants, and alcohol. The Japanese ones come in a pack of 7 sheets and can be used everyday. They are also made from 100% natural Japanese cotton. The My Beauty Diary one is also extremely thin, elastic, and soaked with essence. This face masks stock are going to be something I look forward to after a long day at the office.

What are your favorite face masks?

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