My Recent Repurchased Items ~ Muji Anti-Aging Cream and Trilogy Rosehip Oil ~

Recently I’ve come to a realization that most things I repurchase are not necessarily the items I love, but rather, what I found most practical. While lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, they serve their main purposes. To me currently those items are Muji Anti-Aging Cream and Trilogy Rosehip Oil.

I thought that all Muji skincare lines are organic, but actually even their specific organic line includes parabens. I was disappointed, but so far this Anti-Aging cream has been giving my skin enough moisture. I’m not sure if it does anything to fine lines and wrinkles but since it is very creamy and takes awhile before sinks in, it is perfect for a face massage.

What I usually do is apply this cream to my skin. Before the product completely absorbs to the skin, I gently drag my index fingers’ knuckles along my jaw line and orbital bone areas in upward motions. I hope that this will help to relax my facial muscles tension, stimulate blood circulation, and drain out toxins. After a stressful day, I can actually feel my muscles become relaxed when doing this massage.

The next item I recently repurchased is the Trilogy rosehip oil. To me it is great for acne scars and helps maintain the overall condition of my skin. Some months I did not get any acne at all and I secretly think that it might partly be because of this oil. I have an old acne scar on my chin and recently I started to see it’s fading away and it’s been almost a year since I started using it. I think any brand should give a similar result but you just have to be consistent with it. My favorite is actually Pai’s rosehip oil, but that has to shipped from the UK to Thailand, while Triology is already available here so I don’t have to wait for the shipping.

Every night these two have been a perfect combo. The rosehip oil feeds nutrition and repairs my skin, while the cream locks everything in with moisture until morning. For the morning, my sunscreen is very moisturizing so I tend to skip the cream. Overall, they got my basis covered and that’s why I repurchased them.

What are the products  you repurchased lately?

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