November 2015 ~ Skincare Favorites ~

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and I must admit I didn’t take good care of my health recently. That definitely shows up on my skin. So, in this post I’ll be showing you the skincare products that had made me feel better about my skin in the month of November.

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Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence

Two main reasons that I love this product are the scent and the hydration. The scent is very uplifting and makes me happy, while the hydration makes everything that goes after this holds it’s moisture longer. However, I’m not sure if the LHA in it makes my skin a little red and also super red and itchy if I follow with something that contains vitamin C.

Kose Sekkisei and Shiseido Anessa Sunscreens

These sunscreens are of gel/essence consistency. If you’re oily I won’t recommend the Sekkisei one to you but the Anessa one should suit most skin types. They both contain alcohol and artificial fragrance so sensitive skin should be aware. They’re both very light and give high protection without turning your face white.

My Beauty Diary Tranexamic Acid Treatment Mask

Of all the sheet masks I tried in the past month, I’d say this one is my favorite. It brightens and hydrated my skin more than others. The sheet is soaked with potent essence that  even after leaving it on my face for thirty minutes it is still wet.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm

If there’s anything in the world that worth the hype, I would say it is this lip balm. It really nourishes your lips. You need this especially if you’re in a harsh and cold climate. It is matte so it won’t interfere with the consistency of your lipstick. I truly, truly recommend this product. I got this one almost a year ago and still got about half a pot left. You’re suppose to finish it within 12 months after opening the package. So, I’ll keep it for my cuticles and open a new one to use on my lips instead.

Pai Age Confidence Facial Oil Echium & Amaranth

Even though not as mentioned as the Pai’s rosehip oil, I felt in love with this oil. This is not a dry oil, but a proper slick oil. Having said that, it’s not too heavy at all. It has a very calming scent and feels very luxurious to use. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this.

That’s it guys. I hope you’re ready for the holidays in December!

What are some of your favorite products this month?

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