My First iHerb Haul

Hello all! Apologies for the radio silence. I took a freelance job in addition to my full-time job and it really made me super busy. I probably won’t do that again because I feel it takes toll on my health. Having said that, I hope you all had a great holidays and fresh start of the year! Before January is over please allow me to start the first post of 2016, with my first ever iHerb haul!

So basically iHerb is an online store for eco friendly/ organic supplements, food, skincare, and makeup products. My aunt and friends also purchase from this web site. If your order is below 2,500 Thai baht, then you have a lower chance to get taxed.

Lately I’ve been interested in Mad HippieΒ natural skincare products. Despite somewhat tacky looking packing, they seem to only put ingredients that give results. They are available in Thailand but it is cheaper to order from iHerb even with the shipping fee included. I ordered during the discount time so things even got cheaper!

The order came within three weeks. My order inside came in a perfect conditions.


Here are my orders:

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum, Mad Hippie Eye Cream and Chime Ginger Chews in Mango flavor. I got an iHerb pencil sharpener as a free gift with purchase.


To be honest the pencil sharpener looks very cheap, but it might come handy in the future.


These are what the products look like. I can’t give a review on them now because my lifestyle has been really bad. I don’t apply them regularly and I don’t get enough sleep. Thus, I don’t feel like it is justify for me to report their efficacy.


But I can still give a quick review on my impression.

The Exfoliating Serum smells like apple cider vinegar. Despite being an AHA product, it doesn’t sting my skin like the Ren toner did.

The eye cream has a floralΒ scent to it, which I think is unnecessary. It comes in a lighter consistency, which makes it perfect to be used both day and night time.

Overall, I’m satisfied with iHerb service and will come back to them for sure. For Mad Hippie products I need to use them longer to decide, but I might repurchase the eye cream.

Have you ever ordered anything from iHerb?

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2 thoughts on “My First iHerb Haul

  1. i haven’t ordered anything from them yet, but some of their stuff is really tempting!
    they are pretty popular on the beauty blogs over here too πŸ™‚

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