My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks

It’s a long holiday in Thailand now. I’ve been cleaning, catching up on TV series, and also pampering my skin – something I’ve been neglecting for the past few months. My friends brought me a lot of My Beauty Diary masks as a souvenir from Taiwan and I couldn’t be more excited!

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My Beauty Diary is a famous brand for sheet masks from Taiwan. It’s widely available in Asia and if you’re not living in Asia, I’m sure there are many online shops that offer them. Their products do not contain mineral oil, alcohol, or parabens, therefore they claim to be quite kind to the skin. However, they do contain perfume.

Their masks came in arrays of formula to help with different skin issues. I feel they mainly are best for brightening and hydration. This time my friends brought me two best seller types, Black Pearl and Bulgarian White Rose. The Black Pearl one is supposed to help with dull and lack-elasticity skin, while Bulgarian Rose helps dry, dehydrated, and dull skin. These two formula are also available in Thailand but I’m curious to know if there’s any difference from the Taiwan version. Turned out, except from the packaging, there’s no difference at all, which means they have great quality controls!

What I like about them:

  • The masks come soaked in essence. I put the mask on my face for 30 minutes and the sheet was still damp after I took it off. There’s also a lot of essence left in the sachet after I took out the sheet.
  • The masks can be adjusted to fit many face shapes and I must say it fits my face the best compares other sheet masks I’ve tried.
  • You see the effects of brightening and hydration.
  • They are affordable.

Down sides:

  • The masks are soaked that I have to lay down while putting it on, otherwise the essence will drip down into my eyes and neck.
  • They are scented, which may cause irritation to some.

My final thoughts:

I highly recommend My Beauty Diary face masks for those who want to add radiance and hydration to their skin. I’ve just finished the Red Wine type which formulated for anti-aging purposes. It smells exactly like red wine, though I haven’t noticed any anti-aging effects but it surely hydrates. My favorite one is actually their Tranexamic formula but I’m not sure if it’s already discontinued. For overall hydration and brightening, their Black Pearl mask is to go for. Since they come in so many formula, I’m sure you’d find something that suits you!

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