Current Favorite & Review: Fracora LIFTest Protegoglycan

Hi all 🙂 Today I’m back with my current favorite product, Fracora LIFTest Proteoglycan. Because of my bad sleeping habits, I sort of give up on trying to get rid of my fine lines and started to prevent my skin from sagging instead. Fracora is a Japanese brand, which is famous for their whitening serum made out of pig’s placenta… I know it sounds too much but this LIFTest Proteoglycan isn’t made out of pig’s organs, and it is an anti-aging rather than whitening product. Please read more to find out!

Lately when I’m looking for a new product to try, I go on to help me decide. There we can see the ranking made by Japanese ladies for beauty products. So, I can see what are popular among Japanese ladies in there 30’s and such. There I saw the Proteoglycan serum listed high up in the ranking, and in fact it is ranked 2nd for booster as of today.

Fracora LIFTest Protegoglycan ranked no. 2 best booster on as of today

Fracora LIFTest Proteoglycan ranked no.3 best serum from Japanese ladies in their late 30’s on as of today


This product’s selling point is water soluble proteoglycan, which is extracted from the nose of premium quality salmon from Hokkaido. The brand claims that protegoglycan can hold water better than hyaluronic acid. It supposed to help increase the skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid level. This product aims to help lift up the skin, hence the name. It should also make the skin more bouncy and radiant.

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The box and the bottle listed only three ingredients: Water, Butylene Glycol, and Soluble Proteoglycan. But on their website, there are two more ingredients so the full ingredient list is: Water, Butylene Glycol, Propelene Glycol, Soluble Proteoglycan, and Phenoxyethanol.

Product Consistency

The product’s consistency is similar to Lancome Genefique serum in a way that it is clear and very liquidy, just like water. But unlike the Genefique, this one doesn’t have any scent and to me it is more hydrated. It is even lighter than the Kiehl’s Iris essence. Even though it is hydrated, it doesn’t give tacky feeling like hyaluronic acid products.

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How to Use It

You should be using Fracora LIFTest as a “pre-serum” or “booster”, right after washing your face -> Fracora LIFTest -> essence -> and other product.

The recommended amount is about 5 Japanese yen coin, which is around a US quarter coin, every morning and night. That is, you’re supposed to finish a 15ml bottle within 2 weeks. If you bought a 30ml bottle, there is a line on the tube indicating an appropriate usage amount.

Having said that, I personally only use 5 drops morning and night, while some bloggers only use 2.

Pro tip: because the product is very runny, poring out a quarter amount at once could be a bit messy. So in my case, I apply a few drops first, after it is well absorbed into my skin, then I apply another layer afterwards.

The Results:

After five days of using, with only this product added to my skincare regime I do feel a difference on my skin. My skin becomes smoother, and feels more velvety.

Final Thoughts

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I will continue to use this product to see if there’s any more improvement to my skin condition. I hope the effects are not because of all the glycols but actually comes from the proteoglycan itself. So I’ll still be using other oils and serum that contain ingredients like vitamins and peptides in conjunction with it. I can recommend this to people with every skin type (except sensitive) to try it if you’re looking for something to help add hydration. It is not oily at all and less sticky than hyaluronic acid. It is very affordable and always have promotions going on (at least in Japan and Thailand).

Are you using any pre-serum or booster? Please let me know in the comments 🙂

Purchasing note

Purchased from Central Online Shopping

Price: 890 baht (15 ml) on buy one get on free campaign

Made in Japan

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