BITEKI Magazine Freebies July 2017

Has it been a year since I was gone? Many things happened so I couldn’t focus on this blog but now I’m trying to get back into documenting my beauty related stuff again. So here’s what I had purchased about two weeks ago: a MUJI bottle, Thann’s body butter, and a Japanese beauty magazine called BITEKI.

The bottle I got for a Hada Labo lotion refill. Thann’s body butter is one of my favorite body products of all time. It makes my skin feel so soft after using. I totally recommend.BITEKI2So, let’s get on to the magazine. If you don’t know BITEKI is one of Japan’s beauty magazines. I don’t purchase it that often but this issue has a column that I really wanted to read and tons of freebies. The July 2017 issue came with 3 colors smart phone light, 2 Quality First sheet masks, and a sample of Shu Uemura Perfector Oil.BITEKI3The smart phone light is a portable light that you clip on to your phone to make the lighting looks better. BITEKI gives you 3 colors white, pink, and yellow. The white one is for taking selfies, pink is for taking photos of beauty product, while yellow is supposed to make your food looks more yummy. The light uses 3 batteries and they already included.BITEKI6BITEKI5BITEKI4Next are 2 face masks from the brand called Quality First. It’s a Japanese drug store brand that got quite a good review. I’ve also seen some celebrities mentioned about it on their Instagram before. The ones that come with BITEKI are supposed to be a more premium version. There’s a black sheet mask that’s supposed to take care of pores and the white one that should help brighten the skin.BITEKI7Finally, there’s a sample of the new Shu Uemura oil. At first, I thought that this is a cleansing oil, which is what the brand is famous for. However, it’s actually a face oil that you leave on. They explained that it’s a light oil that is the blend of various kinds of plants. It supposed to have a very pleasant scent that helps lift up your mind. You can use it as the last step of your skincare routine, over your makeup to add some glow to the look, and it can also be used for touch ups during the day.

Over all, I think the light is fun to use but I don’t think it’s that practical for me. I also prefer to take photos with natural light so I might end up not using it. On the other hand, I’m very excited to try the masks. We have them available in Thailand at Tsuruha but it comes in a pack, so I’d be nice to test first if it gives me any reactions. For the oil, I I’ll do more research if it contains essential oils or not because I think my skin will act up if it does. If it doesn’t then I’ll take it with me on my trip abroad and see how it goes!

Lastly, below is the real reason why I purchased this magazine. An article with photos of beautiful, Takahisa Masuda aka Massu who is my ultimate bias. He and his idol group members take turns each month and give their health tips. This issue Massu talks about how swimming is a perfect way for exercising!


Before I go let me leave you with this EXO-CBX’s Japanese debut single. I found it sounds a bit like one of Taylor Swift’s songs. Quite fun but I guess it talks about people who try to make ends meet.

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