Mediheal x BTS Sheet Masks ~Review~

I’ve always wondered if Mediheal sponsors BTS. You can see them applying Mediheal sheet masks from time to time on their twitter and live program. I’m a fan of Mediheal masks even before knowing BTS use them so when the two collaborated I had to get them all!


I purchased mine from Gmarket website, on the released day at midnight, and it was a bit crazy. The page said the items got sold out and it was only one minute after midnight. However, I kept refreshing the page and was finally able to get all versions after twenty minutes. I had some points at that time so I used them to get some discounts. I received the products 6 days later. The funny thing was, I checked my shipping status on Gmarket every day and the status was always something like preparing for shipping even on the day I received the products haha.

There are 4 sets of Medieal x BTS collaboration. You’ll get sheet masks in a special BTS packaging and BTS photo cards! The each set came in a somewhat sturdy paper box. Each box contains 10 masks, 5 masks are specific for the set and another 5 are teatree formula which come with all sets.


Korean and English descriptions at the back of the boxes and each package!


Each box also includes a leaflet that briefly explains main features of each type of mask and how the normal packaging looks like. Also, you’ll know which BTS member prefers which formula!


Mediheal x BTS Hydrating Moisture Care Set

This one comes with the Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX and the Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX (which I will leave out from now on). I have used both formula before. The Aquaring Ampoule really brings hydration back to the skin and is a favorite of all BTS members. The teatree formula is good for sensitive and oily skin and it’s Jung Kook and J-Hopes’s pick.


The photo cards that come with this set are BTS in some sort of a bright living room and the members are in white clothing. All photos are group/ unit photos.


Mediheal x BTS Brightening Care Set

This one features Mediheal W.H.P. White Hydrating Black Masks EX. The sheet is black and it’s SUGA and V’s pick. I’ve never used this formula before and since SUGA is my bias, I’m very excited to try it!


The photo cards are BTS members in a room with a brick wall. Now they are wearing clothes with colors. All photos are group/ unit photos.


Mediheal x BTS Moisturizing Care Set

This set comes with Mediheal D:NA Proatin Mask which supposed to revitalize the skin.Β  I feel that this is more anti-aging than other formula. It is RM’s pick and the name D:NA is quite appropriate as BTS also has a song called DNA!


Now you each photo cards for this set is only one individual member. There are two cards of each member. All in white outfit in a white room looking cute, trying to heal you from a long troublesome day ❀


Mediheal x BTS Soothing Care Set

And finally, the soothing care set which aims for those with oilier skin. It features Mediheal P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask EX which is JIMIN and JIN’s pick. I did try this one before and even though it is suitable for those with oily skin, it doesn’t dry out the skin at all. So dry skin people can definitely use this mask and the teatree one on the day you skin breaks out or feel sensitive.


And the photo cards are of individual photos. Each member wears the same cloths as the Brightening set.


Here’s the back of the photo cards. Usually photo cards in K-pop world are credit cards size but this one is almost like a post card size.


If you scan the QR code at the inside of the photo card envelop, it will take you to a Youtube video!MedihealBTS07

My Final Thoughts

If you’re a BTS fan (ARMY) you should definitely get these. Mediheal masks themselves are high quality masks so your skin will benefit from them. Dry skin people can use the formula for oily people as well, you just need to add more moisture with other products after applying the masks. I would imagine oily skin people can use the formula for dry skin too if you skip other moisturizer afterwards. The photo cards are very nice and you get loads of them.

Now if you’re not a BTS fan, you might not need this. It’s cheaper to get Mediheal masks in their normal packaging and the effects should be the same.

One down side is that I wish they don’t put the teatree formula in all set. Actually my favorite Mediheal mask is the E.G.T one which is for anti-aging I’m a little bit bummed that this formula isn’t included in any set. But still, I get a chance to try the Brightening and the D:NA ones and they’re SUGA and RM’s favorites!


Go get yours from:


BTS Official Shop

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