I was born on a Sunday in the month of May, hence the blog name. I wanted to start a new blog long time ago but coming up with a name is so difficult. This blog will be a place where I post about my opinion on things. I will start off with skin care first as I’m currently worried about my wrinkles haha! Looking back, I’ve been changing my skin care product quite a lot, and I don’t remember the reason why. Was it because it didn’t do anything to my skin? Or because I just wanted to try something new? So, I want to make some kind of a note about why I decided to buy a certain product and afterwards, my opinion on it. Maybe in the future I might expand the scope of this blog, who knows.

A little bit about me:

* I’m Thai with a VERY yellow skin undertone.
* My English could sound weird since it’s my second language.
* I have a dry + dehydrated skin (I think).
* I started to see some lines on my under eyes and cheeks.
* I’m currently living in Norway.

I hope I could keep up with this blog! Thank you for reading up to here ❀

For business inquiry please contact: onesundayinmay@gmail.com

Disclaimer: I made the decision to buy the products mentioned in this blog by myself. I purchased every product from my personal expense and might sometimes receive sample productsΒ from my purchase. My opinions, therefore, were/are not influenced by any companies.

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